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heavy got a new friend!!!


Help, I’m falling for HeavySniper. Gonna blame docteurfail for that. We were talking about them yesterday and I received so many cute prompts that I just had to do in SFM (and I will be doing more).

One of them was that Heavy would occasionally tease Sniper when he’d try to kiss Heavy by standing on his tippy toes, simply making it impossible for Sniper to reach Heavys lips. (It kinda looks like they’re dancing in that first pic, I failed there) which always frustrated Sniper so much, that he’d refuse any kind of “apology” from Heavy, that is, until Heavy would scoop up Sniper in his arms and well.. 8)

Truly one of the rarepairs out there…but I love them ahh.

Animated version of “the kiss” here > x


Some concept art i made for a workshop set i recently contributed too.

Here’s the link for it, you should check it out:



wanna play cowboys n indians, slim?





i bet that engineers contract says that he must wear his goggles so his teammates wont get blinded by his beauty.


Hold my beer while I preform an amputation in a dimly lit workshop. I have 11 PhDs, what could go wrong?
So me and Z have this ongoing rp where we tend to introduce details before either of us has an explanation for them, then we fill in the plot holes later or never. I’m still trying to figure out why the hell my soldier has a robo-hand. I just imagine him getting drunk and being like MY OWN ROBOT HAND?! THATS A GREAT IDEA!

carolinesniper asked: Hows the honey? Is it sweet enough for you? :3


Not as sweet as Engie’s, Heavy’s, or my new girlfriend’s, Zhanna


they’re not that great but here’s some really lazy doodlings from lunch today

look at her face

she on a mission

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when i see a cute boy on the street


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this is terrible and so funny at the same time omg imagine sitting with your family at your table for dinner and seeing your dad or mom just start trippin balls 

imagine being the only vegetarian